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Abbasi, Laleh and Arvand, Majid and Moosavifard, Seyyed Ebrahim (2020) Facile template-free synthesis of 3D hierarchical ravine-like interconnected MnCo2S4 nanosheet arrays for hybrid energy storage device. CARBON, 161. pp. 299-308.

Amiri, Maryam and Hosseiny Davarani, Saied Saeed and Kaverlavani, Saeid Kamari and Moosavifard, Saeid Ebrahim and Shamsipur, Mojtaba (2020) Construction of hierarchical nanoporous CuCo2V2O8 hollow spheres as a novel electrode material for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 527 (15).

Ashourdan, Mohammad and Semnani, Abolfazl and Hasanpour, Foroozan and Moosavifard, Seyyed Ebrahim (2021) Synthesis of CuMnO2/graphene quantum dot nanocomposites as novel electrode materials for high performance supercapacitors. JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE, 36.


Badiyepeymaie Jahromi, Z and Ramezanli, S and Farzaneh, M and Torabizadeh, C (2018) Quality of Communication skills of nurses worked at the HospitalsAffiliated to Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Iran. BANGLADESH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, 17 (2). pp. 275-281.


Dastpak, Mehdi and Riasati, Mohammad Javad and Bagheri, Mohammad Sadegh and Hadipous, Ehsan (2021) A Comparative Study of IELTS Academic Writing Test in Paper Mode vs. on the Computer among EFL IELTS candidates at Tehran University. Álabe, 24. 0-0.

Dehghani, Ali and KOJURI, Javad and Dehghani, MOHAMMAD REZA and Keshavarzi, Abdolkhalegh and NAJAFIPOUR, SEDIGHEH (2019) Experiences of students and faculty members about using virtual social networks in education: A qualitative content analysis. Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Professionalism, 7 (2). pp. 86-94.


Golestan, Fatemeh and Zabetian, Hassan and Zarei, Mohamad Javad and Honarmand Jahromy, Fatemeh and Kalani, Navid and Abiri, Samaneh (2019) Attitudes of Students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences toward Euthanasia. Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science, 7 (1). pp. 201-205.


Hemayatkhah, Mojtaba and Rahmanian, Vahid and Mansoorian, Elham (2018) Evaluating the Level of Environmental Behaviors among Students at Jahrom University of Medical. Journal of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development, 3.


Jahanbin, Kia and Rahmanian, Fereshte and Rahmanian, Vahid and Shakeri, Masihollah and Shakeri, Heshmatollah and Rahmanian, Zhila and Sotoodeh jahromi, Abdolreza (2019) A Perspective on Text Classification, Clustering, and Named-entity Recognition in Social Media. AMBIENT SCIENCE, 6 (1). pp. 1-4.


Karimyar Jahromi, Mahdi (2020) Comparing the Effect of Simulated Patient and Lecture Training Methods in the Clinical Self-Efficacy of Nurses Caring for Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome Comparing Effect of Simulated Patient and Lecture Training Methods. Acta Medica Iranica, 58 (7).


Mahmoudi, Reza and Hassandokht, Fatemeh and Tajali Ardakani, Maryam and Karimi, Bahman and Roustazadeh, Abazar and Tarvirdipour, Shabnam and Jafari Barmak, Mehzad and Nikseresht, Mohsen and Baneshi, Marzieh and Mousavizadeh, Ali and Saghebray Shirazi, Mohsen and Alipour, Mohsen and Bardania, Hassan (2021) Intercalation of curcumin into liposomal chemotherapeutic agent augments apoptosis in breast cancer cells. JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS APPLICATIONS, 35 (8). pp. 1005-1018.

Mahmoudi, Reza and Tajali Ardakani, Maryam and Hajiporu Verdom, Behnam and Bagheri, Abouzar and Beigi Hossein, Mohammad and Aliakbari, Farhang and Salehpour, Zeinab and Alipour, Mohsen and Afrouz, Sajad and Bardania, Hassan (2019) Chitosan nanoparticles containing Physalis alkekengi-L extract: preparation, optimization and their antioxidant activity. BULLETIN OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 42 (3). p. 131.

Mogharab, Farideh and Sharifi, Nader and Bigizadeh, Shiva and Honarmand Jahromy, Fatemeh and Jamali, Safieh (2019) Association between the Quality of Life and Work LifePerformance in the personnel of Jahrom University of MedicalSciences. MEDICAL SCIENCE, 23 (95). pp. 82-85.

Moosavifard, Seyyed Ebrahim and Mohammadi, Abdolkhaled and Ebrahimnejad Darzi, Mohammad and Kariman, Asadollah and Abdi, Mahnaz and Karimi, Gholamreza (2021) A facile strategy to synthesis graphene-wrapped nanoporous copper-cobalt selenide hollow spheres as an efficient electrode for hybrid supercapacitors. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 415.

Moosavifard, Seyyed Ebrahim and saleki, Fereshteh and Mohammadi, Abdolkhaled and Hafizi, Ali and Rahimpour, Mohammad Reza (2020) Construction of hierarchical nanoporous bimetallic copper cobalt selenide hollow spheres. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 871 (15).

Mosalanejad, L and Sanei, M.S and Hosseini, Y and Abdollahifard, S (2018) Implementation of Serial Workshop by Students Educational Need: Trend to Accountability in Medical Education. BANGLADESH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, 17 (1). pp. 78-83.

Mosalanejad, Leili and Abdollahifard, Saeed (2019) Put Aside the Traditional Classroom and Use Effective Technology: Puzzles- Entertaining Ideas for Educating Psychiatric Diseases. PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL & HEALTH SCIENCES, 13 (2). pp. 519-524.

Mosalanejad, Leili and Abdollahifard, Saeed and Rezaei, Rita (2018) Mobile e-portfolio as a Personal Digital Assistant in Nursing Education. P J M H S, 12 (2). pp. 930-934.

Mosalanejad, Leili and Tafvizi, Mansoor and Zarif Sanaiey, Nahid (2020) Developing a Questionnaire for Assessing Medical Professionalism in Virtual Environment: A Multistage Exploratory Study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, 12 (2).


Parandavar, Nehleh and Rezaee, Rita and Mosallanejad, Leili and Mosallanejad, Zahra (2019) Designing a blended training program and its effects on clinical practice and clinical reasoning in midwifery students. J Educ Health Promot, 8 (131).


Razeghi, Bahareh and Abdollahifard, Saeed and Mosalanejad, Leili (2018) Design a Clinical-Based Educational Program in Forum and study its Self-Reflection Consequences in two groups of medical and nursing students. P J M H S, 12 (2). pp. 935-938.

Rezaee, Rita and pabarja, Elham and Mosalanejad, Leili (2019) Students' Academic Quality of Life and Learning Motivation in Iran Medical University - pilot from south Iran. PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL & HEALTH SCIENCES, 13 (2). pp. 570-576.

Rezaei, Fatemeh and Saghafipour, Abedin and Babakhanloo, Saeideh and Soltani, Nazanin and Mohammadbeigi, Abolfazl (2019) Study on Social Capital in Female Students of Arak University of Medical Sciences, Central Iran. Journal of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, 5 (1). pp. 66-73.


Yazdanpanah, Abbas and Zarezadeh, Nabi, Nabi and FaselahJahromi, Mohsen (2018) THE CHALLENGES FOR ESTABLISHING TELEMEDICINE AT JAHROM UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES2018. Mintage Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Science.


Zahediniya, Fajriyeh and Rayat Dost, Esmail and Abiri, Samaneh and Ghanei, Masoud and Zeini Jahromi, Mojtaba and Razeghi, Ali and Kalani, Navid (2018) An Assessment of the Crisis Team towards the Disaster Preparedness: A Case Study of the Educationaland Therapeutic Hospitals of Jahrom city, Iran. AMBIENT SCIENCE, 5 (1).


احمدی, سیدرضا and فروغیان, مهدی and کلانی, نوید and تقی پور, نیکتا and پاسالار, زهرا and رعیت دوست, اسماعيل (1398) ارزیابی کیفیت خدمات بیمارستانی از دیدگاه بیماران بستری در بیمارستان‎های آموزشی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی جهرم در سال 1397. مجله دانشکده پزشکی علوم پزشکی مشهد, 62 (3). pp. 1488-1499.


تفويضي, منصور and عبديان, طاهره and رعیت دوست, اسماعيل and حجتي, حامد and كارگر, زهرا and كلاني, نويد (1396) بررسی رویکرد های مطالعاتی در دانشجویان پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی جهرم : یک مطالعه توصیفی مقطعی. آموزش و اخلاق در پرستاري, 6 (1-2). pp. 24-31.

تفويضي, منصور and پرموز, الهام and حجت, محسن and عبدیان, طاهره and خرم کیش, مهسا and حاتمی, ناصر and کلانی, نوید (1400) تبیین تجربه های بیماران مراجعه کننده به درمانگاه های آموزشی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی جهرم نسبت به حضور دانشجویان پزشکی بر اساس یک مطالعۀ تحلیل محتوا. آموزش و اخلاق در پرستاري, 10 (1-2). pp. 36-42.


ثامنی, محمد هادی and کوثری, مجید and پندار, رحیم and شاهمرادی, فرانک (1397) آواتار: همگرایی سینمایی علم، تکنولوژی و هنر. فصلنامه زبان و ادب فارسی, 10 (37). pp. 58-72.


شريفي, نادر and مجلسي, فرشته and منتظري, علي and شجاعي زاده, داوود and صادقي, رويا (1397) تأثیر آموزش در توانمندسازی دختران جهت پیشگیری از پوکی استخوان: کارآزمایی بالینی تصادفی شده. مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشکی قم, 12 (1). pp. 54-62.


محمدی, مهدی and ناصری جهرمی, رضا and راسخ جهرمی, اطهر and مختاری, زینب and علامه زاده, مرضیه and تن آسان, مینا and ناصری جهرمی, راحیل (1397) تاثیر دوره آموزشی کامفورت بر نگرش پرستاران به مهارت‌های ارتباطی. پژوهش در آموزش علوم پزشکی, 10 (4). pp. 23-30.

مرزبان, امنه and رحمانیان, وحید and ایاسی, مریم and دلاوری, سمانه and یزرگان, مهران بررسی عوامل اکولوژیک موثر بر تمرکز در کلاس درس از دیدگاه دانشجویان دانشگاه علوم پزشکی هرمزگان. مجله مركز مطالعات و توسعه آموزش علوم پزشكي يزد, 14 (1). pp. 46-55.

مصلی نژاد, لیلی and شريعتي, مينا and كلاني, نويد and عبدالهي فرد, سعيد (1397) بررسی دیدگاه اساتید و دانشجویان علوم پزشکی نسبت به اخذ واحدهای درسی اختیاری و تبیین واحدهای پوچ و بررسی نیازهای آموزشی بالینی از دیدگاه دانشجویان. آموزش و اخلاق در پرستاري, 7 (1-2). pp. 7-20.

مصلی نژاد, لیلی and عبدالهي فرد, سعيد (1397) کلاس درس سنتی را فراموش کنیم: از رویکردهای مبتنی بر تکنولوژی صحیح استفاده کنیم. آموزش در علوم پزشکی, 18. pp. 539-540.

مصلی نژاد, لیلی and عبدالهي فرد, سعيد (1397) کلاس درس سنتی را فراموش کنیم: از رویکردهای مبتنی بر تکنولوژی صحیح استفاده کنیم. آموزش در علوم پزشکی, 18. pp. 539-540.

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